viernes, 1 de julio de 2011


Una nueva decion de ropa, que tal? Y viene con concurso y todo, como se nota que le ponen mucho empeno a estas cosas de stardoll no? bueno si quieren saber mas , miren!

miren lo que dice:

It’s summertime, and that means an excess of maxin’ and relaxin’ in the sun! For our newest fashion collection, we’re giving you the best of the carefree 70’s combined with the chicest of Nantucket prep. Think feet in the sand, lemonade in hand, sitting in your sunchair with a cool, light breeze.

Chambray is THE fabric of the moment—the ultimate summer outfit element that gives you that super sought-after effortless look.
Contest runs through July 8, 2011

The softest materials come in ranges of blue, canary yellow (if the Queen
can do it, so can you!), pale pinks, whites and taupes—a rare no-black collection! Sweet bows and roses top off pieces in classic, girly cuts, high-waists and wide-legged pants, petal pushers; airy and slouched but with the most subtle of elegant touches.

Don’t miss the burnt sienna wedges, penny loafers and collared dresses!

No se lo pierdan! Bss Peakles

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